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Bristlecone Pine Press was an independent publishing imprint committed to bringing high quality print books to the eBook platform.
This was their website.
Content is from the site's archived pages providing a glimpse of what this site offered writers and readers. We will miss you!

Welcome to Bristlecone Pine Press!

We are an independent publishing imprint committed to bringing high quality print books to the eBook platform. Our team of creative and talented professionals stands ready to transform your book into a superior product for the eBook market. Please browse our website to learn more about us. If what we offer meets your needs as an author, please feel free to contact us with a submission query. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Leslie H. Nicoll, Publisher, and the Bristlecone Pine Press Team

Bristlecone Pine Press is a publishing imprint of Maine Desk, LLC. Maine Desk was founded in 2001 with a mission to assist authors with their publishing efforts in all domains including technical, non-fiction, and fiction. We offer developmental editing, proofreading, copy editing, and professional formatting of technical documents (such as dissertations) at very competitive prices. 

For Publication Consideration

L.A. Mischief
P.A. Brown

L.A. Mischief

For Publication Consideration

Why ebooks, and why now? Good question. eBooks have been around since 1969 but have struggled to gain an audience. New devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, the Sony eReader, and the eReader application for the iPhone/iTouch are changing the market, which is rapidly expanding.

Wise authors realize it benefits their readers to have their books in a variety of formats: print, audio, and eBooks. Readers have different tastes and like having choices in how to receive their content. However, not all publishers are bringing their print products to the eBook platform, for a variety of reasons. If you are an author who is in this situation—that is, you have a print publication without an eBook counterpart—you should consider Bristlecone Pine Press as your eBook publisher.

While there are a few famous examples of books that have never gone out of print, the vast majority of books that are published today have a very short print life. And once a book goes out of print, readers are hard to come by. "Out of sight, out of mind" as the old adage goes. An eBook, however, solves that problem, allowing a book to always be available to readers for instant purchase, downloading, and reading. An eBook also allows an author to maintain a current catalog of titles and always have a backlist available.

Even if your book is still in print, you should still consider an eBook. As noted above, new devices are rapidly expanding the eBook market. Readers are clamoring for content and many readers will decline to buy a book if it is not available as an eBook. A recent comment on the Kindle Forum at sums it up: "If a book I want is not available for the Kindle, I am not going to buy it. I’ll write the author and write the publisher and tell them what I want. If it never comes out for the Kindle, I guess I'll never read it."


My note:
Jump ahead to 2021. I have spent a lot of time reading from my trusty Kindle. Before the Covid 19 pandemic shut down travel, I would spend much of my time waiting in airports and in the air reading. Goodby to lugging around real books. I had hundreds of book at my finger tips! E-books are so popular now, I am always surprised when a book that I want to read is not available on Amazon in a kindle format. My Mom who resides in an assisted living facility here in Maryland where I live says she would have been bored crazy while isolated in her room at the start of the pandemic when nursing homes etc were particularly hard hit. Of course I still can't visit her in person, although all the staff and residents at Hart Heritage Estates where she resides have had their vaccine shots. I was relieved when Hart Heritage sent their last email with information about the vaccination schedule and the additional precautions that are still in effect. At least I can Facetime with my mother. We often will spend the time critiquing the eBook we are reading. Can't wait till I am eligible for a vaccine. Then perhaps we will be able to visit in person.

Although Bristlecone Pine Press is no more ( I checked their Facebook page and the last posts were from 2010), I applaud them for helping authors get their books into the eBook format. Having access to this format is even more important during these strange times.


Bristlecone Pine Press is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. If we accept your book for eBook publication, we will provide the full suite of publishing services, including:

  • Assign an ISBN and register it with "Books in Print."
  • Edit and format the book as an eBook, including adding aids and links for easy navigation through the book.
  • Design a cover (if needed) or re-work existing cover art to be suitable for the eBook platform.
  • Deploy your book to a variety of sales outlets, including and

Marketing is a joint effort between Bristlecone Pine Press and the author. We will work with you to secure reviews on appropriate book review and blog sites. In addition, all books are featured here at the Bristlecone Pine Press site in our online catalog.

Query and Submission Process: 
Bristlecone Pine Press is actively seeking authors who want to have their print books published as eBooks. To query us about your book, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. In the subject line, please include BCPP: submission, with the title of your book.
  2. Your name and complete contact information (email, phone, mailing address).
  3. Book title and a 150-200 word synopsis of your book; include the genre, please, in the synopsis.
  4. Book length, in words.
  5. Current status of your book: in print, out of print.
  6. Publication details: publisher, ISBN, publication date, copyright holder.
  7. Sales data: list price, number of copies sold.
  8. Electronic availability: do you have the book in an electronic format? What type of file is it (Word, PDF, etc.)?
  9. Cover art: do you have a cover? Do you have the rights to use it or would you need a new cover designed for your book?
  10. Verification that you have the eRights to publish your book as an eBook.
  11. As an email attachment, please send the first 50 pages (or wherever there is a natural break near 50 pages, ie, the end of a chapter).
Queries that are incomplete and do include the requested information will not be reviewed.

While Bristlecone Pine Press is interested in a wide variety of genres and topics, we have a particular fondness for books that tell a story by voices that are often not heard, including GLBT-themed books and GLBT authors. We are also very interested in historical fiction and non-fiction, by and about nurses.

Due to the eBook formatting process, we are not accepting books of poetry; books with numerous pictures, maps, charts, tables, graphs, etc; cookbooks; or children's picture books (although young adult text-based novels will be considered). We also do not publish pornography. Last, we are not considering unpublished, original works at this time.

Thank you for your interest in Bristlecone Pine Press. We look forward to hearing from you!


Recent News Circa 2010


Attention! Call for submissions!
Vintage is a call for written works inspired by pictures or photographs. We are looking for authors who will tell us the story behind those two men on the beach... or standing next to bench... or staring out a window... or looking oddly shy in each other's presence. We want high quality, original fiction that will draw the reader into world of the photo, to share and reminisce

Titles from the Bristlecone Pine Press catalog are now for sale at OmniLit, in a variety of formats. If you have been wanting to read our books on a Sony ereader, Barnes and Noble Nook, or other device, now you can! Titles are available for sale at ARe in .prc (Kindle and Mobipocket), .epub (Sony and Nook), HTML and PDF. Links are included on the book pages



Pictures and photographs capture our faces and preserve our memories. Generations later, they spark our imaginations, making us wonder: Who is in the picture? What are they doing? How are they feeling?

Vintage is a call for written works inspired by pictures or photographs. We are looking for authors who will tell us the story behind those two men on the beach... or standing next to bench... or staring out a window... or looking oddly shy in each other's presence. We want high quality, original fiction that will draw the reader into world of the photo, to share and reminisce.


Length: Short novels, 10K to 50K words

Theme: Historical love stories that feature a relationship between male same-sex couples, inspired by a picture or photograph. While the actual taking of the photograph (or painting of the picture) does not need to be included in the narrative, the picture/photo does need to be included in the storyline. If you want examples of what we are thinking of, you might want to read Our One and Only by E.N. Holland or Lover's Knot by Donald Hardy (see in particular, pp. 259-260 and p. 324).

For the purposes of this collection, "historical" is defined as any time in history in which a photograph or painted picture could be produced, with a cut-off date of 1985. Love stories, to us, are those stories that tell of a relationship in a realistic and meaningful way. We do not have a requirement for a "happy ever after" or a "happy for now" ending although that certainly would be acceptable. We recognize the challenges that same-sex couples have faced in the past (and continue to face, but that's another story) and that can be portrayed, although we also would like these relationships shown in a loving and positive way, to the extent that is possible, given time and circumstance.

Characters can be any age from 15 on up. For stories that feature characters under the age of 18, the relationship must be consensual and presented in a positive light. Teenagers exploring a first, forbidden love would be fine; an older man raping a younger boy would not. It should go without saying but we'll say it anyway: no incest or bestiality. No vampires or werewolves, no paranormals, although if a story featured a ghost in the old fashioned, classic definition of a ghost story, that would be considered. Again, Lover's Knot is a good example of the latter. As these are love stories, scenes of characters making love can certainly be included but we do not have a requirement for a set number of sex scenes or level of explicitness. Let your own judgment be your guide: if it is important to the story, include it; if not, leave it out. In general, we are looking for books written for an adult audience that will appeal to a wide variety of readers.


Query: Send an email to Include Query: Vintage and the proposed title of your book in the subject line. In the body of the email, include a one paragraph (150-200 word) synopsis of the story. Attach to the email: 1) the photo/picture that inspired you; and 2) the first 5000 words of your story, in a Word doc or PDF. Manuscripts do not need to be complete to be submitted. If an incomplete manuscript is accepted, the completed manuscript will be due two (2) months after the final contract is negotiated and signed. Publication will be two (2) months after a final, completed, edited manuscript is signed off by the author and accepted by the publisher. Please include your contact information including name, address, email address, and phone number. Queries can be submitted under a pen name, if one is used, although a legal name will be required for a contract, if one is offered. Queries will be acknowledged upon receipt. A final decision on acceptance/rejection will be made within two (2) weeks. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please re-send, as messages do get lost in cyberspace.

Photograph/Picture and Cover: All books in the Vintage series will use the template cover, as illustrated here, substituting the author's name, book title, and photograph/picture. Photographs/pictures must be in the public domain or you must have documented permission for its use.

Production, Sales, and Payment

Production: All books will be edited by BCPP staff. Books will be assigned an ISBN and listed in Books in Print. Covers, as noted above, will use the Vintage template.

Format: eBook only. BCPP produces books in a variety of formats that can be read on multiple devices, including laptops/PCs, smartphones/PDAs, iPhones/iPads, the Nook, the Sony e-reader, and the Amazon Kindle. Books are sold in several outlets including Amazon, All Romance ebooks, and OmniLit. We do not sell in the Sony store, although books are sold in a format that is readable on the Sony e-reader. Plans are in the works to sell in the AppleStore.

Pricing: Books will priced and sold according to length: up to 15K words, $2.99; 15K to 30K words, $3.99; 30K words and above, $5.99.

Royalties and Advances: BCPP is a traditional royalty paying publisher. At the time the book is deployed for sale at the outlets through which we sell, an advance (against royalties) will be paid, based on length: up to 15K words, $25; 15K to 30K words, $50; 30K words and above, $100. After that, royalties are paid quarterly at a rate of 40% of the net proceeds to the publisher.

Marketing: Marketing is a joint effort between the author and the publisher. All Vintage books will be featured on the Bristlecone Pine Press website ( and included in our catalog. We will submit review copies to popular review sites, including Speak Its Name and Reviews by Jessewave. We hope that the Vintage books become a recognizable and popular series that readers will look forward to and purchase impulsively.


This is an ongoing call for submissions. At present there is no deadline. Submissions are welcome at any time. Please feel free to direct questions about this call to the publisher, Leslie H. Nicoll, at

The Bristlecone Pine Press editorial team looks forward to hearing from you!

Featured New Releases Circa 2010


  • New Book!

    Geography of Murder
    P. A. Brown

    Geography of Murder
  • New Book!

    Forest of Corpses
    P. A. Brown

    Forest of Corpses
  • New Book!

    Butterfly Gods and Other Erotic Tales
    P. A. Brown

    Butterfly Gods and Other Erotic Tales



All Bristlecone Pine Press Books are available for sale through (in the Kindle format) and Selected books are for sale at All Romance eBooks. There are links for purchasing our publications at the catalog page of this website.



The Bristlecone Pine Press Team

Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN
Publisher and Acquisitions Editor

In 2001, after a twenty-five year nursing career that included education, clinical leadership, and research, Leslie founded Maine Desk, LLC with a mission to provide writing consultation and support to novice and established authors. In 2008, she expanded the business to include a publishing imprint, Bristlecone Pine Press, committed to bringing quality content to the eBook platform.

Hands-on and fully engaged in all aspects of the publishing process, Leslie ensures that every author and every book receives the attention it deserves to be showcased as a stellar product in the Bristlecone Pine Press catalogue.

Hannah Nicoll
Graphic Artist

After two years of intense physical training, Hannah learned to ride a bike. But soon after this accomplishment, she realized that sports weren’t her thing and began to draw on any paper placed in front of her. Seven years later, her drawing habits are still going strong.

Around Christmas of her sophomore year, Hannah realized she wanted to design book covers. It was Kismet when in February of that year she shaved her head and her mother called her Bristlecone. The next month, Bristlecone Pine Press was founded, its name inspired by Hannah’s nickname.

Hannah is a rising senior at Casco Bay High School in Portland, Maine and will be studying Commercial Art through the PATHS program. During the spring of 2008, Hannah was a participant in the Intensive Weekend for high school students at Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. In the summer of 2009, Hannah participated in the two-week pre-college institute at the New Hampshire Institute for the Arts, Manchester, NH.

Jim and Zetta
Ebook Designers

Offer a variety of author and publisher services, including editing, typesetting and book layout, cover design, ebook conversions, banners etc., all at very attractive prices.

Alex Beecroft
Cover Artist

In 2007 Alex had her first book published - the gay romance "Captain's Surrender." The shock of seeing the cover her then publisher had designed for the book drove her into cover art in an attempt to make sure she never had something so embarrassing on the front of one of her books again. Nowadays, Captain's Surrender has been re-released by Samhain, with a very beautiful cover, and Alex is doing work for other writers and publishers who want something different from the typical "ripped and stripped" cover on their books too.
Check out Alex's work at her website, or contact her on to find out more. Here at Bristlecone, you can see Alex's work on the covers for Frost Fair, Speak Its Name, the Royal Navy series, and Deadly Vision.

Jeromy Wendrick
Website Designer

Currently, Jeromy is studying for a Baccalaureate in Computer Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. He has more than five years experience in the computer industry and plans to one day own his own business. In addition to being a full-time student, Jeromy does freelance web design and computer consulting. He has his own website where potential clients can browse a portfolio of his current and past projects.